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      The company I work for would be categorized as a construction company and we are always running 2 to 3 jobs at the same time. The only thing these jobs have in common is that they all use the same resource pool. I have set up a master schedule that lists all our projects, but unfortunately the program is not working as I thought it would. My hope was that if I created conflicts by inserting a new project into the middle of the schedule or changing the duration of a task due to a weather delay, all subsequent jobs would change their start dates automatically. But after leveling, instead of changing the start dates, it just seems to stretch out projects. For instance a project that should last 3 days now will take 10 days because a carpentry crew moves to another job before finishing the job they are on. I am new to Project and I have looked all over the internet for an answer; I am spending a lot of time on this and I need to determine if this is the right program for our company. Thank you.

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      K, I’ll try to help if I can. Resource leveling is a bit advanced but a great way to level resources across multiple projects as long as you know the feature. I’m struggling on what the specific example from above. You expected it to change the start date but it stretched out the duration instead. Was the result the same? If a task was in process or their were multiple resources assigned, then the task would stretch out, maintaining the start date. That would also be the case if the weather delay occurred in the middle of the task. For the second example, leveling prioritized the job on the other project based on the leveling sequence. One of the two projects would be stretched out. You can gain more control of what project(s) or task(s) take sourcing priority by using the Priority field and leveling resources to Order: Priority, Standard. I also have a recorded session in the archives somewhere on Leveling Resources. There is another series titled something like Managing Resource Constrained Projects that goes into a lot more detail. HOpe that helps…

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