Is there a way to convert Primavera P6 file to MS Project ?

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      I’m supporting an effort using MS Project Server, working with a subcontractor using Primavera P6. Looking for an easy way to convert P6 files to Project. If you can help, please respond with solution. Thanks!

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      Larry Christofaro

      I tend not to recommend it. There are converters but the inherent differences can get you in trouble. Once you convert it and save it to Project Server, how will you update it? You can replace it I guess.

      My recommendation is typically (always depends on the situation of course) to create a separate project that includes your deliverables, along with the key predecessors from the P6 project (assuming that’s the core project). Then have the sub-contractor provide you updates on only those key predecessors, that you then update your project manually (also using a filter that views only those tasks). If the tasks are few enough it isn’t hard. Either way, I’d try to be creative on it. Hope that helps…

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      Georg Suarez

      You can ask the contractor to submit the file in MSP xml format. I agree with Larry you may run into some differences, especially in multiple calendars, relationships lags.

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      Daryl Deffler

      I concur with Larry;
      About May 2015, our company converted from Primavera P6 to MS Project Server 2013. While the concept of moving a schedule from P6 to Pro sounds simple, it really isn’t. I manually exported a small (250 line) P6 schedule and imported it into project as mentioned by Georg. The result was about 10 hours of manual work to get the Project version of the schedule working correctly and producing similar results to the P6 version. Granted, much of that time was reviewing literally everything because we needed to see what was missing. I would assume that if subsequent imports were always missing the same 3 or 10 things, the import time would be reduced. The problem is that even if it is reduced, there is always going to be several hours of conversion work to make it work in Project.

      Unfortunately, there are lots of minimal sounding discrepancies between the two tools that create non-trivial issues. For example, Project didn’t know what to do with the LOE tasks used in P6, half the dependency relationships between tasks disappeared, and on an on.

      Treat the subcontractor as an external vendor and monitor/track their schedule based on key milestones that you have built into your MS Project schedule. They can run their schedule and their resources in P6. But you need updates to those key milestones.

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