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Is there any way to modelessly view Notes that doesn’t waste screen space

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    Is there a way to keep the notes pane open without using the Details/Task Form pane? I use notes extensively (I dump status emails on tasks directly into it) and I like to be able to see more than a few lines at a time but that means close to 25% of my screen space is wasted when I’ve got the details pane open. Is there any other way to modelessly view the Notes that I’ve missed?


    Jigs Gaton

    SURE DAN, just add the notes field to any view, such as the Gantt, and you can just scroll the screen and see / edit all the notes from the view. Best,



    If I’m understanding you correctly that would give me a tiny window through which to view the notes, would it not? Also I’d be limited to viewing only the first 255 characters of the notes. I’d like to have a large display of the notes.


    Jigs Gaton

    Ha, yes, that will put the first 255 characters of note data in a cell, The only other think my feeble brain can think of is to create a custom report using the notes field only… that might do it, not sure 🙂 Give it a try!

    Ismet Kocaman


    – By using the key sequence <Shift+F11>, open two windows of the same project plan file, get rid of the Timeline if the default new view includes it.
    – Arrange two windows (Project_File:1 and Project_File:2) vertically so as to share the application space, then open the Task Form/Notes on the right,and open another sheet view that you want on the left. But they won’t be interactive like it happens in a combination view.

    I use this configuration all the time, and if you have two monitors, you can extend the Project application window toward the 2nd screen. I hope this works.

    Ismet Kocaman



    That’s close enough! Thank you!!

    Are there any synchronization issues I should be worried about?


    Jigs Gaton

    yes, Ismet rocks. Another thought that I had was to use Evernote in another window, and link to it from the notes field…

    Ismet Kocaman

    It is easy to test, as follows:
    – Open the Task Entry view with Notes detail on the left window
    – Open the Task Form view with Notes detail on the right window
    – Select the same task on both windows such that both show the same task notes
    – Enter some text into either Notes box and and click OK, the entry will appear on the other box.
    Hope this works.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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