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      I’ve created a new risk list template incorporating several factors that my company uses to assess risk.  I’ve removed the “out of the box” risks list and replaced it with the new custom risk list.

      As expected, the risk icon that normally appears next to a project name in PWA indicating a project has a risk associated with it does not appear now (see attachment).

      Does anyone know if I can change a setting on the customized risk list to enable the icon to show in PWA?  Or is there a setting in PWA where I can set that icon to show when I add an item to the new list?

      Thank you for any thoughts,


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      It is not recommended to "remove" the risk list from the project workspace.  This will cause queue sync and reporting issues.  Best practice is to revise the out of box risk list to include your additional fields/functions (and don’t delete out of box fields from the original list).  Are you experiencing issues with what you have done?
      Larry Christofaro
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