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      Is there any way to automatically keep a task on the same page as its parent (summary bar) when printing in Project 2016? I can manually add page breaks, but this can be very time consuming in larger projects. Either a native Project solution or a VBA solution would be very helpful.

      Obviously, if there are too many tasks under the parent then this is not possible, but it would be very helpful for me if an auto page break could be installed when a parent is going to be the last thing printed on any page.

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      It’s a great idea, to be able to break pages on summary tasks, but I don’t think VBA goes that deep into the printing algorithms 🙂 I hope someone here proves me wrong, for ur sake. I remember adding hours to projects – just for printing out the sheets! In short, I think printing is dead, and it’s not one of MSP’s strong suits. Best of luck!

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