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      Cleaning Room 1
      – Step one (A)
      – Step two (B)
      – Meets Cleanliness Standards (C) [Gline #FF]
      Clearance Testing (D)
      – Wipe Samples (E)
      – Air Sampling (F)
      – Passes Clearance Testing (G)

      I would like to link tasks such that:
      – C completes when G completes (link C to G line number with FF after it I think)
      – A & B complete when C completes
      – but their start dates are not adjusted by the links
      – and the duration (days) adjust to reflect the start and finish dates
      I tried linking the completion of A & B with completion of C but it adjusts the start date to match the days for those tasks even though the days are listed as “days?”.

      Any direction would be greatly appreciated.


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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Sorry Chris, hard to follow the issue. If you are wanting the system to adjust the duration based on predecessors / successors, Project doesn’t do that. Project will only move the task. If that’s not the case, please provide additional details.

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      Thank you for the response Larry.

      I would like to link Task B so that the following occurs:
      Task B to Start when Task A completes
      Task B to Finish when Task C completes

      If I have to manually adjust the days I can live with that but at least the dates will be correct.



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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      As you probably know by now it won’t work. A task start date is determined by the predecessor that causes the latest start date.

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