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      I have a user I am supporting who is running Project 2010 on a Windows XP Machine.

      When he opens up MS Project the Load Summary Resource Assignment check box is checked. If he unchecks the box, and opens a project from Project Server, the resource summary assignments still appear in his schedule.

      I am running MS Project 2010 ona Windows 7 Enterprise machine and my checkbox for Load Summary Resource Assignment remains unchecked the next time I start up MS Project and the same project opens without the summary resource assignment.

      Has anyone run into this issue with the summary resource assignment loading even when the box is unchecked?


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      Avatar photoCommunity

      I’m having the same problem here, Summary Resources still appear in in resource usage view. (I’m using Windows 7 and MS Project 2010).

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      Paul Atkinson

      Yes same problem here. User gets the “Other projects and commitments” summary line in Resource Usage view, even though the box is not checked for “Load Summary Resource Assignments’. We tried Clear Cache, even deleted the cache file itself. Project Server 2010, Project Pro 2010.

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      Wil Jansen

      Project Pro 2010 in a EPM 2010 environment shows the same behavior. Unchecking the ” Load summary resource assignments” has no effect.

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      Mark Smith

      This issue can occur on computers that have had Project 2007 previously installed (or possibly currently installed). After installing Project 2010, the application still refers to the old Project 2007 registry entry for the “Load summary resource assignments” checkbox status (i.e. Yes/No, True/False). The resolution is to access the registry and delete the old 2007 reference and it will then be force to reference the Project 2010 Registry location where the actual settings is being changed when the user checks oe unchecks the “Load summary resource assignments” checkbox in Project 2010. It may also be required to reinstall Project 2010 again after deleting the old 2007 reference.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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