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      Michael Thornton

      I was wondering if I could have some advice. I am currently building a master file which contains a few other projects. I have created all the tasks and the deadlines, which are fixed and cannot be altered. I have been given start and finish times for the tasks within the projects. I have been given a list of resources and the amount of time they have allocated for each project (e.g. Resource 1 = 0.2 FTE for Project 1). The people I am working for also have also given me how they want to divide each task between resources (e.g. within Project 1, Task 1, Resource 1 = 80%, Resource 2 = 10%, Resource 3 = 10%). However, the next task(2) will have Resource 2 = 90% and Resource 2 = 10% making Resource 1 = 170%.

      They are thinking this way because they have x number of people working full time and they have new projects that come up and want to assign people to the tasks, rather than having a project and then assigning people based on the needs of the project.

      How can I take their allocated hours for each project and split them between all the tasks taking into account how they want to divide the task between their resources?

      I need to be able to put in these resources without changing the times that are set.

      Thanks in advance.

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      Larry Christofaro

      Michael, if I understand correctly your question is about the mechanics of assigning resources and not any tactical question on how the projects are structured. If I’m correct, is your issue about assigning multiple resources to a single task? Let me know if I’m close or provide more details on your specific question/issue. Happy to help if I can but want to make sure I’m answering the right question.

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