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      We are evaluating the Milestones Professional software to develop summary Gantt type presentations for programs. For various reasons we do not want to create a master project in MS Project 2010, and instead want to see if using the Master Schedule List functionality in Milestones Professional will meet our needs.
      Does anyone have experience with this approach using Milestones Professional that you can share your experiences of what worked well and what could be better?
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      Hi Bill,
      I have been using Milestones Professional 2010 for a couple of months now and use MS Proejct Server 2007.
      The product interface with MS Project Server 2007 is simple and works as advertised.
      In order to create a master schedule in Milestones Professional you will need to create an Unique field (perhaps concatenate Project ID and UniqueID) that can be used to keep the tasks unique in your Professional Milestones master schedule.
      The part that people often overlook is product support and I must say that I have been very impressed with the support I have received from Kidasa in the past year.
      Kind regards,
      Nico Janssen
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      Hi Nico;
      Thanks – haven’t had a chance to try anything yet but from your response it seems it could be worth the effort.
      Bill K
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