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    Kevin Thomas Sullivan

    I’m developing a master schedule for all construction projects within our office. Is there a way to create individual project schedules and import each one into a master schedule where all show up in numerical order? My goal is to be able to modify information in each individual project file and have it automatically update in the master schedule. Also, we have 2 project managers in our office with their own unique project types. Can I Create a a column designating project manager and then be able to filter on or off, which project manager projects I want to display?

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    Debra Jewel

    You can do both of these things. The second one, filtering by project manager, is easy. Add a text column (click on the column headings, click Insert, choose a text column (i.e. Text 9). You can then rename the column (i.e. “Proj Mngr”)by right clicking on the column, choosing custom fields, then rename Text X to Proj Mngr and hit “OK”

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    Debra Jewel

    For the linking of projects: click on the Project tab, Click “Subproject” at the top left, then click on the projects you want to link. Settings you need to be aware of is under File, Options, Advanced, Cross project “Cross Project Linking options” and then click the “Schedule” tab in the same File, options area and under “Calculation Options for this Project”, check “Inserted projects are calculated like summary tasks”. Experiment with it using 3 fake 4 or 5 line schedules to get a fell for how it works and how these settings effect it.

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    Thank you for such valuable information. It is very important for me.

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