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      When inserting subprojects into a master project, the subproject comes in with the default bar shape/text settings and not the customized settings from the subproject. This seems okay since all subprojects may not be using a standard display for bar shapes and bar text. However:
      1) When I try to customize the bar shape/text (for tasks and summary rollups) in the master project, the change does not show up in the master project gantt chart. The bar shape is changed in the popup preview window (when making the change or thereafter) but not in the Master project Gantt chart. Also,
      2) In some cases, I see that the attempted customized bar shape change in the master project actually show up in a master project task that is seemingly unrelated to the desired task!
      I should note that the master and subprojects were created by creating one project file first, then copy/pasting this file within Windows Explorer (MSProject closed), then deleting unnecessary tasks, and saving. The Project title changes (and corresponding project summary task display) were made prior to any customization attempts and these seem to work fine.
      The use of project templates may resolve this problem (haven’t checked yet), but since it is all too easy to “file copy/paste” many people end up doing that, so I’m trying to understand how to ‘fix’ issues are generated if someone uses the copy/paste file method.
      Thank you in advance.

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      Hi – I am using Project 2010. I created a file with master and subjects, made duplicates (two copies), deleted unnecessary tasks in these two copies, inserted these two subjects (copies) as a sub project – see I changed the bar style of project summary tasks and the bars – see It works perfectly fine by applying the new style for inserted project’s project summary task and its tasks – see If you can share the files to sai.prasad.b[at], I can try to help you out.

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