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      Hi I wondered if anyone could help me with a query I have relating to how Microsoft project calculates BCWP at the task and resource level. I created a simple project with a single resource costing £25/hr working an 8 hour day (i.e. £200/day).

      The resource has Task (Task 1) which
      1. Has a baseline duration of 3 days (22nd June to 24th June 2020)
      2. The task actually starts 1 day early (19th June 2020)
      3. The task finishes on the baseline finish date (24th June 2020) i.e. overall duration is 4 days rather than 3.

      When I review BCWP at the task level and resource level they report different values per day although when the task is complete the report the same total. Values in image below. I wondered why the BCWP values daily are different.

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