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      I was planning to migrate our 2007 EPM deployment to 2010.

      I was told to do ‘inaplace’ upgrade of the data base first. [From SQL 2005 to SQL 2008]

      When we run the upgrade at first time

      1.       All the pre configure checks passed and setup files installed

      2.       Went through the upgrade process almost 2/3rds

      3.       Then received an error called ‘Network path not found’ see the screen shot at the end of the email

      4.       Got a message saying setup completed with some errors. see the screen shot at the end of the email

      We tried to uninstall SQL Server 2008, cleaned up registry where ever we saw 2008, then we run the upgrade again

      5.       It goes through all the checks, passes them

      6.       Selects features to upgrade,  and upon installing we get an error saying “There are no features to upgrade. See the screen shots

      7.       After this we need to cancel the installation. All the logs are showing this ‘user cancelled installation’ as the reason for not proceeding with the install.


      I think that we never got back to complete uninstall of 2008. Before we run upgrade, if we run “Installed SQL server discovery report” from the tools, it shows some inactive SQL server 2008 instances See the report attached. It shows some 2008 inactive instances. I think we need to get rid of these, before we attempt another upgrade.


      I know we can backup 2005 DBs, uninstall both 2005, and 2008 to clean all SQL on this box, then freshly install 2008, attach 2005 backed DBs.

      Any suggestions to upgrade SQL 2005 to SQL 2008?

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      Hi Suresh —

      Uninstalling something like this usually leaves residue that is nearly impossible to find and remove completely.

      If attaching the 2005 databases to a freshly installed 2008 server does not work, then I recommend reverting back to the original 2005 environment and starting over with the upgrade to 2008… only this time try to determine the source of the network path was not found” error and resolve it.

      Good luck!

      — tz


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