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      Stergios Kokkoris

      Dear friends,

      I encountered the below issue.
      I prepared a quite analytical schedule for my project and I set a few tasks as milestones.
      When I displayed the Critical Path, the milestones were not belonged to cp string of tasks although it was obvious that they had to be included.
      As long as I transitioned the milestones to one day duration tasks they got red colored and few other tasks incorporated in the cp.
      Could you please inform me if you have any idea why this happened?
      Do milestones destroy the sequence of critical paths?
      After this, I have the feeling that the milestones have to be used only as indicators. Am I right?

      Thank you in advance for your help.

      Best regards

      Stergios Kokkoris

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      Milestones can be on the critical path and can be part of the critical path, but may simply not be reflecting that on the Gantt view. If you add the column “Critical” to your view you may see that the milestones on the critical path are also flagged as critical “Critical = Yes”. It may simply be that there is no specific Bar formatting configured for Milestone=Yes and Critical=Yes to show it as red.
      I did a quick test in Project 2013 with a milestone in the critical path and it did not display as red in the Gantt view, but is flagged as critical in the Critical column.
      Hope that helps

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        Stergios Kokkoris

        Dear Daryl and Endgardo,

        I appreciate your time given to my enquiry.
        Thank you very much.

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      Edgardo Gonzalez

      I found that issue as well and this is how I resolved it
      To highlight the critical path:

      • Click on Format; Set the Critical Tasks flag
      • Click on Format painter; Select Bar Styles;
      o Add a bar called Critical Path and select Critical (tasks) from the Show For menu
      o Change the color of the Critical Path (Middle setting) to red to make it visible
      o Select the text tab and include the %Complete or %Work as well as resources names/initials in the text
      • Click on Format; Click on Text Styles at the far left; select Item to change and critical tasks; Change the colour to red

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      Bill Fitzgerald

      Yiouhave to be careful in Format Bar Styles in order to get the critical milestones red.
      Create the bar style with Filter=milestone, critical and for the start finish use task start in both fields (NOT task finish in the finish column).
      That will show critical milestones as red or whatever you formatted them

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