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      I have an issue and was wondering if anyone could help me. The project I am working on is getting beat up with DCMA 14 Pt. Analysis. The worst one is Missed Tasks. I have a Functional Manager that plays with his durations constantly (almost daily) as his work gets completed or is not done within the duration originally gave. By the way, I am scheduling software implementation. How can I pass these metrics (or improve them) when I have someone who constantly manipulates durations in his section of the schedule? (Which by the way, affects the Baseline vs. Start & Finish dates of work down the pipeline). Does anyone have suggestions of how I can prevent this from becoming a nightmare worse than it is?

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      I am not aware of the DCMA approach however a PM who keeps their plan alive and aligned with the reality that they are currently experiencing is a person to be treasured – it is a shame if some metric is designed to pin a plan to the page and never deviate from it even when you are. Are they constantly over running their estimates? If so consider doing some root cause analysis with them to help them build more realistic plans. IF they’re winning on some and loosing on others then surely this is about right?
      Or am I missing something important?

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      The only way to not have a task marked as a “Missed Task” in regards to the DCMA 14-pt metrics is to have the forecast/planned dates (start & finish) in alignment with (or before) the baseline dates (baseline start & baseline finish). Once you’ve passed the baseline dates and your task isn’t complete, your task will come up as a missed task every time you run the metrics. To fix this, you’d need to update your baseline dates to be in alignment with your forecast/planned dates or to the right of your forecast/planned dates. Which as you know isn’t recommended just to improve this one metric.

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