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      I’m looking for a way for project participants to easily update project tasks from their mobile phones on Project Server 2013. The updates need to include actual work hours and task status/completion.

      I found many references to the following language:
      A Web-based mobile site is now included, enabling team members and project managers to view project status at a glance on a mobile device. Using the touch-enabled mobile site, you can access and edit relevant project documents and do lightweight editing of project plans, all from your Windows Phone 7.5 (using the Internet Explorer 9 browser), Apple iPhone, or Android device.

      Is there a different mobile version of PWA, or is it the same as the desktop version? What I’m getting looks like the same, and I’d think it would be a scaled back version. That being said, I can’t figure out how to enable/view a mobile version. When I enabled the mobile SharePoint feature, none of the functions work, so I assume that is not thee correct approach.

      I can only assume that this is supposed to be simple and self explanatory, and that’s why I can’t find anything on it, but it has proven to be too complicated for me.

      Thanks for any assistance.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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