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      I am brand new to Microsoft Project.  I am Project Professional 2003 (11.3.2007.1529.15) SP3.  I started a project plan with tasks and dates and assigned resources.  For one of my resources, the date they are available changed so I went to my resource set up page, double-clicked on that resource, and on the General tab of the Resource Information dialog box, I put the date in Available From grid and clicked OK.  I expected that the any task this resource was assigned to would automatically change to the date I entered in the Available From box.

      For example, this resource has a task assigned to them on 1/18/2013.  I change the Available From date to 1/21/2013.  When I went back to the task view, their first date showed 1/18/2013 still.

      Is there a way to “refresh” so the task view pays attention to the Available From date?  I noticed when I change the Units to a different percentage, the task view gets updated with that information.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      Hi, welcome to the world of Project.  The values in the resource availability are used in the intial assignment only, and are not retrospectively applied – plus they dedine the units used before the resource is defined as overallocated.

      A better way model this is to edit the resouce using the Resource Information dialogue box, and set the the resource calendar to be non-working for when the resource is not available.  The task will now move (assuming you have not constrained it).

      As can be seen from the screen shot below, I’ve mocked this up where Resource R1 has a weeks non-working time defined in their calendar.  The Task T1 gets extended by a week when this non-working time is entered, but you can see the work of 80 remains uneffected.

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