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    Jonathan Eriksson


    Many costs in my project are invoiced as a percentage of the total amount. Others are invoiced as €/hour.

    I would like to do a monthly payment plan in MS Project, that shows the planned invoices for each month during the project.

    Due to the difference in strucutre of the invoices, I am unsure what is the best practice in order to keep a nice and clear monthly payment plan of the project.

    Does anyone have any good recommendations regarding how to do payment plans when invoices have different structure?

    Grateful for all advices!

    Best regards

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    Larry Christofaro
    Larry Christofaro
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    Hi Johnathan. That’s a tough question as Project isn’t exactly designed for or the best at doing invoice reporting, especially with the variations you have above. Dynamics is the project tool designed more for invoicing, but I realize that doesn’t help you here. Best I can tell you is to use cost resources for the fixed % charges and rates for others. Cost rate tables can help if one resource is involved in both, but that can get complicated pretty quickly. Good luck…

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