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      Andrea Hurst


      I have a project task on a 7 day calendar that is 1 day in duration assigned to a resource with a 5 day base calendar. I have a need for this task to occur on the weekend and am trying to use the overtime feature to push the work. I can move the work to the weekend day; however, my task duration spreads to 2 days. I am unable to force it to one day. If I use 0 day duration, it gives a start and end on the same day.

      Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

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      Hey Andrea, here’s how I’d approach this.
      In the Task Information window, Advanced tab, change the task calendar to a weekend only calendar, meaning work days are Saturday and/or Sunday only. You may need to create another calendar to do this. Then, check the “Scheduling ignores resource calendars” option directly to the right of the Calendar field. This will ignore the resources 5 day work week calendar and schedule the task work to only occur on a weekend day.

      Hope that helps

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      Andrea Hurst

      Thank you Daryl, I assume if I have a schedule change leading up to this task that would shift it back to a weekday, I would just adjust the task calendar back to a 7 day schedule.

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      Yes, if for some reason the task can now occur on a weekday, you can simply remove the task level calendar and the task will now schedule based on the project calendar. If for some reason you need to have it available to schedule across all 7 days, enter the name of your seven day calendar and leave the “Scheduling ignores resource calendars” option checked.

      Note, that if the task can only occur on a weekend as per my original answer, and over the course of the project, predecessor work delays the task so that it cannot occur on the originally planned weekend, it will automatically jump to the next weekend because of the weekend only calendar.

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