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      I am working through the process of importing an excel file into MSP 2010. Iunderstand the process and selction options, field mapping etc. The issue is that after the import is complete, Project has randomly applied predecessors to tasks that did not have any in the excel vile (i.e. summary tasks). This test is fairly basic in that I have only the following exce.MPP columns: ID, Outline level, Task Name, duration, start date, precedessor.

      Does anyone know why this is occuring and what to do to correct this? We have seveeral PMs that prefer to start their schedule work in Excel and my being able to take it directly into MPP 2010 would be wonderful but not if the accuracy of predecessors is an issue. I have not seen a resolution for this online or in Microsoft.

      Thank you in advance for your feedback!

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      Hi Debra,

      This may be happening because Project will want to use it’s own ID field, not the one you have created in Excel.  This then causes an issue if the IDs are not in synch – I suspect this is your issue.  Two ways around this that I can see….

      1.  Cut and past the info from Excel into MSProject – though the IDs may still be an issue.

      2.  Get your PMs to start in MSP2010 – and give them training in using Manually Scheduled tasks etc.  With 2010 and these features, there really isn’t a reason to use excel anymore….


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      Hi Ben – Thanks for the quick reply. I would love to have the PMs use MSP – but that is a whole other topic.

      At any rate, what is a workaround for this (so far) is to import the Excel file as needed and then copy/paste the predecessors. This honors multiple assignments as well as leadsa nd lags.

      I had also tried to copy/paste the Excel content directly into MSP but it does not retain the outline level, even if that is one of the Excel columns and column order is matched exactly.

      Between these two tests and their results, I would say anytihng requiring recognition of the Outline Level won’t happen – as you also indicated.


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