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      Regina OHare

      I would like clarification about which MPUG webinars qualify for PDU credits toward the PMI-SP (Scheduling Professional) certification, how these decisions are made, and what oversight is exerted in these decisions.

      On multiple occasions, I have participated in an MPUG webinar and then found that MPUG did not approve the webinar for credits toward a PMI-SP continuing education credit. Most recently, this occurred with “Beyond Macros Revisited: Automating Microsoft Project for Non-Techies Part 2”. The same course, Part 1, was approved for PMI-SP credits, but not Part 2.

      According to the PMI CCR Handbook:

      “You can earn PDUs for multiple certifications in the following ways:
      Education PDUs
      *Leadership and Strategic & Business Management PDUs Apply Across All Certifications
      Since leadership and strategic & business management concepts are broader educational topics and not specific to any one certification domain area, the PDUs claimed in these education areas can be applied across all certifications.
      For example, if you attend a course that awards two leadership PDUs, you will be able to count them towards every certification you hold.
      *Technical PDUs Can Apply to Multiple Certifications
      Education around technical skills is specific to each certification domain area (e.g., the technical skills needed to perform program management are different than those for business analysis).
      However, certain technical topics are applicable to multiple certification domain areas. If an educational activity contains technical content that is applicable to multiple certifications, then technical PDUs can be claimed for all relevant certifications. The number of PDUs claimed should be equivalent to the amount of time spent on those specific technical topics.
      Additionally, all technical PDUs earned will be counted towards the maintenance of the PMP certification.”

      MPUG has done a great job of putting together the page of “On-Demand Webinars Aligned with the PMI Talent Triangle”. But the details of the PMI PDUs only clarify how many credits apply toward a PMP certification and does not mention other certifications to which it would apply.

      Then again, why would any topic on the Microsoft Project Users Group NOT qualify for continuing education credit toward a scheduling certification?

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      Dennis M. Barto

      It sounds great!

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      MPUG PDU credits are a great way to keep your professional development up to date. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including attending conferences, taking courses, and completing certification programs. It is highly recommended a great source to hire professional writers for your projects. PDU credits are an important part of the process of maintaining your professional development and ensuring that you remain current in your field.

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