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      Nell Klumph

      I am a frequent user of configured filters. I have created over 20 filters in a Gantt template (and had shut OFF the feature of auto-populating new filters into global). A prior scheduler had created numerous (bad) filters, and it took awhile to systematically remove them by first identifying them as “bad”, going into Organizer and deleting the “bad” filters in the template, and THEN going into global and deleting those which had (mistakenly) populated the global. But now, there are problems with the filter feature. I want to “delete” more bad filters (using Organizer) from the template, and they wont delete. Plan B, is going into Filters, I click on the “bad” filter (that I cant delete) and remove it from the filter menu. they “stay removed” for awhile, and then keep re-appearing on the filter menu.

      Question: Is there a “different” way to permanently delete “bad” filters from a template (other than using Organizer?) If so, what would that be, and thank you in advance for reviewing this request.

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      Avatar photoDaryl Deffler

      Not sure if this will help. If any global filter being used in a project is modified by the PM (column order changed, column sizes, new columns, etc.) the modified version of the Global Filter is now stored locally within the project schedule under the same name.
      For example, Bob opens Schedule A and opens global View 1. Bob modifies View 1 by adding another column. View 1 now exists in its original form in Global AND the modified View 1 now also exists in Schedule A under the same name, as modified. Moving forward, anytime Bob opens Schedule A, and View 1, Bob will see his modified version, even if the Global version of View 1 is modified or even deleted.

      In the organizer, there are left and right side windows which can be configured to display different view sources (the open schedule, global…). This may help you see where the “Deleted” view is re-appearing from and provides the means to delete it if needed.
      Hope this helps

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