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      I have used several versions of MS project over the last 15 years.  A number of activities what would ensure corruption in previous versions have sometimes been repaired in subsequent versions.  Therefore, to play safe, I have learned “not to do” certain activities.  But frankly do not know if these have been repaired in subsequent versions.
      This is my question relating to 2007 Professional (standalone–not server).
      For example, if a PM manually changes the start date or finish date in the Gantt task view (either on a task or summary task) (instead of adjusting work, unit or duration and let MS Project calculate)  will that activity cause corruption potential for the mpp?
      Would would the answer be different if:
      1.  No resources have been assigned or
      2.  Resources have already been assigned to tasks?
      I have been told by numerous experts that it would cause problems in 2003, but is there an issue with 2007 professional?
      Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
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      As far as I Know, this does NOT cause corruption of the mpp file in Project professional 2007.
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      I have never heard of file corruption caused by typing dates. I have heard and seen hundreds of times problems and massive wasted time because dates were typed rather than using links, but not file corruption.
      However corruption may occur if date cells are linked to cells in another project or application and you have a poor network, move either of the files, rename them or over-write them. Then the file corruption dice are rolled.
      Note: With Project 2007 it is essential that you install Service Pack 2 and if you use master projects install the latest cumulative updates from Technet as well.
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