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      When I create a schedule, save and close it, the next time I open it the activities have rearranged their location on the schedule. Activities that were numerically placed 1,2,3,4,5,6 are now all mixed up in a different order. Predecessors are now physically located underneath the activity they were previously above. Predecessor/successor links are correct, dates are correct but the order is jumbled up. I can relocate them all but after saving, closing, and reopening the schedule the order will all be mixed up again but in a different mix than before.

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      Do the tasks have the same task ID numbers, but are simply displaying in a different order?

      I don’t know that this will fix the issue, but check the view that is initially displayed when the schedule is opened. For example, does it have a Filter or some Grouping parameter specified? Is that view an out-of-the-box view that you can’t modify, meaning changes you make to it will not be saved?
      Just some thoughts

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      Cheryl, Since you mentioned the order is mixed up or sorted after reopening the file, I doubt if there is any VBA macro code that sorts the tasks when the file is opened. Please check View > Macros > Visual Basic and double click the project name. If the editor displays any code to sort the tasks on Project Open event, please delete it.

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