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      Nell Klumph

      I’m a PM controller for a large project, (over 3000 lines) with many resources, (and most are not familiar with MSProj). My customers have asked to receive the following:

      1 a calendar (filtered by resource) which shows them the start and end date of their tasks.
      2. a calendar (filtered by a task owner– which is custom column created for this project) which shows the start and end date of the task owner’s tasks. (Since there are multiple resources on a task, the “task owner” function shows the resource responsible for the task).

      I tried a “Google” suggestion to also limit the calendar view to a milestone (using calendar-format- bar styles, change bar type to “milestone” ……but that didn’t make any changes to the Calendar. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance for reviewing my inquiry.

      Nell Klumph

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      Nell Klumph

      Is there anyone out there who can tell me if there is “any” way to filter the calendar view so that a resource can “see” their tasks in the calendar form? I’m in MS Project 2013 Professional, and would appreciate any response– even if it is.. “Microsoft Project 2013 can’t perform that task at this time.” At least then I can tell customers that this will have to wait for another upgrade. Your response would be greatly appreciated.

      Nell Klumph

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Sorry I didn’t respond earlier because I’m not sure of an answer. I might think that you could synch the project to SharePoint and then provide some sort of filtered calendar. I’m also “guessing” there might be some calendar app that would take a task list of dates and other metadata (like task owner) and convert it to a calendar view. It might require a bit of manual work but not sure. Sorry, no answer. Good luck…

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      Nell Klumph


      Thank you for your feedback. I don’t have SharePoint, but I did see that I could use SmartSheet. I exported a 2007 “saved as” version of 2013 into SmartSheet, and then created customized filters (by column) identifying specific resources, then filtered for just that column, and removed the summary display in the SmartSheet calendar view. Not elegant, but it does work.

      I have had a number of requests from MS Project customers who would LOVE to see “their tasks” in a Calendar view. It would be very nice if MS Project developers could work on such a solution in future upgrades.

      Thanks again for replying to my request.

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        Dain Pettie

        Im working on a similar solution as you described in your earlier post. When you exported the data into Smartsheet, is there a method where you can show the resource name on the task while viewing the data in Smartsheet calendar view? In the event there are multiple resources on a single task, I was under the impression Smartsheet would only show one of the resources. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Interesting is that this is the second post that mentioned SmartSheet as a solution. Nice work. This would be the third party solution with a bit of manual effort. Even though it sounds like it’s still a lot of work. Good luck…

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      Michael Sutherland


      As long as you have assigned resources to each task, you can filter the calendar view, go to “View” select “Calendar” then in the
      ‘Data” section select the “Filter” pull down list and select the “Using Resources” option. Note: this is in Project 2010 so may be different for 2013.

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      Brand new to MS Project – using MS Proj Pro 2013 — we have multiple teams with their own project schedules. I attempted to pull their schedules into my Master project as ‘subprojects’. I can display the calendar for each standalone schedule (Master, and each teams) but the calendar shows NO entries when combining them all into a Master project (Mine + subproject + subproject) so that we can see all the teams tasks/activities in one Master Calendar….any idea what I’m doing wrong? Perhaps MS Project 2013 doesn’t allow a display of ALL tasks within the calendar view when using subprojects?

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      Hi Kim,
      It depends upon how you’ve “pulled” their schedules into yours. Take a look at the resource sheet in the master project – does each resource appear more than once? If so, you’ve inserted the projects as linked projects. To get Project to combine multiple instances of “Kim” in each project into one – create a new blank project and insert each project without linking. (Uncheck the “Link to Project” checkbox in the Open dialog. You are not linked to the original files so you’d need to re-create the master project for reporting.

      I hope this helps.

      Julie Sheets
      Project MVP

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