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      I’m trying to export to Excel. I select Export\MS Excel Workbook\destination and opens the Export Wizard\ Select Next\ Selected Data\New Map\Tasks and I enter the fields I would like and I hit Finish and Exit. The Excel spreadsheet contains the correct fields, however when it comes to a task which has many resources assigned it puts all of them on one line and totals all their effort (work, actual work, %work completed, remaining work). I don’t want it to total all the resources on one line. I want to see each resource on a separate line with their effort in 4 columns.

      Thank You

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      Thomas Boyle

      The information you want is included in the assignments table, not the tasks table.

      When the Export Wizard asks you to “Select the types of data you want to export,” just stick with “Tasks,” but be sure to check the box lower down for “Include assignment rows in output.” That should give you the mixed-data report that you seek. You’ll have to pay attention to the data field mapping.

      Alternatively, I would include all three data tables, then combine them in Excel to get the report I want.

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      Thank you so much

      Two new question, now that it works in Excel:
      For example: one task has 2 resources assigned Mary Smith and John Jones.
      1. In Excel under the summary level task, the next row has all the resource names on it with their % work complete but those numbers are incorrect. Is MS Project calculating that % work complete differently

      2. The customer is using PWA. How can I get this to be a Refresh All and update this data from PWA into Excel and then just hit Data\ Refresh All?

      If you want me to start a new discussion thread for the second question, just let me know.

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      Thomas Boyle

      I think you’ll want to open one or two different questions for these.
      1. By “incorrect,” are you suggesting that the %work completes in the exported assignments are different from what you see in the task usage or resource usage table in Project? %work complete is calculated as (actual work)/(work) for the task and for each assignment.

      2. Your original question is about exporting data from Project to Excel. Assuming conventions for data structure are followed, you can re-import modified data back into Project, but the data in Project and Excel are not dynamically linked. “Refresh All” in PWA implies a completely different process with which I’m not familiar.
      Good luck, tom

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