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      Hi forum,

      I work with MSProject 2013 and I am looking for a solution with regard to the following:
      I have a team of 3 people who are assigned to projects in multiple countries. The standard coordination time is set at 4 months duration and is no more than 32 hours e.g. 8 hours a month.

      If I include a 4 month window in MS Project then MSP will generate a day or 8 hours with a total of days for 4 months while I only need it to be 32 hours that need to be allocated – 8 hours a month. Each project member will have multiple countries allocated in line with above duration time.

      Can anyone let me know how I can set this up in MS Project?

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Angeline, try this. Enter the task with the proper task duration. Then make sure you enter the hours when you assign the resource. You can’t do this directly assigning the resource in the task sheet, but:
      Use the Assign resources dialog box and enter 32h in the Units column
      Use the split screen on a task or Gantt chart with the Task Form, and enter 32 in the work column with the resource
      Use the Task Information box and enter 32h in the Units column

      You will want to make sure that the Effort Driven flag is set to No, which you can’t do on a Fixed Work task type. I suggest Fixed Units but Fixed Duration also works.

      Hope that helps…good luck

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