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MS Project 2016 – Line numbers keep disappearing

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    Hi Daniel,

    We have success. Nice job and thank you. Norm

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    Linda Rasmussen

    Thank you Daniel! This has been driving me nuts for awhile now. I have the team provide me updates referencing the project version number and line number. It was torture trying to update when the numbers kept disappearing.

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    I too had the same issue.
    Later figured out that filter was on, and hence the moment i made task completion to 100%, immediately the task disappeared. Funny me!

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    Jim Cengia

    Thank-you for your discovery. It is a big help.

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    Kim Payne

    To get the line numbering back on any view:

    Add an Indicators column on the left and make it larger than the indicator information. Hoover the curser to the left of the indicators column and when it changes to the + drag that to the right and the line numbers will reappear.

    Hope that helps.

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    Paul Turkal

    Thanks Daniel. The update to the ENTRY table resolved my issue as well.

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    Great fix! This had been bothering me and now it works perfectly.

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    Theresa Rice-Olowolafe

    When I use Daniel’s solution, while yes the numbers stop disappearing, now I am unable to select and move a row.

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    Larry Christofaro

    One option might be to add a different column as the first column of the table and re-select the Lock first column checkbox. Maybe the WBS if you aren’t using it or a blank task custom field. Then sort by ID as the second column.

    I don’t have the problem you are all facing so I don’t have any other thoughts. Hope that helps…

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    Daniel S. – Thanks very much! Your solution worked for me. This issue has been bothering me for years as I only use project in Task Sheet view.

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    Davinder Dhillon

    Thanks Daniel. This was driving me nuts!

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    Wade Litke

    Thank you!

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    AnneMarie Kaul

    Thank you so much Daniel. If it wasn’t for your comment on how to fix this issue, I would still be pulling my hair out.

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    Abhishek Bagaria

    Wow ! this worked for me as well. Super … you are a life saver!!

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    Linda Rasmussen

    Daniel’s solution does work for the disappearing (randomly appearing) ID numbers. Unfortunately with it set this way I am unable to grab and move a task within the plan. So for now I Lock the column, move tasks around as needed, then unlock it again to see my ID numbers.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 39 total)
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