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      Hello everybody,

      In our company we work with a common resource pool for all projects in MS Project 365. For evaluation and further processing, user-defined fields were created in the resource pool for further information / grouping options (resource pool “Structure code2” and “Structure code3”).

      The evaluation and further processing runs via the graphical reports as Excel files. The export works here also still smoothly, all user-defined fields are given. However, since there are some projects, these were combined (linked) in a superordinate project file and from this now the evaluation should happen, unfortunately this does not work.

      I always get “Unknown Error” when I want to generate the report. I’ve already narrowed it down, the error only occurs if the user-defined fields from the resource pool “Outline Code2” and “Outline Code3” are to be output in the report and also ONLY if I have linked projects. In the projects themselves it works fine. The definitions of the user-defined fields are also available in every project and also in the parent project.

      I know it’s very special, but maybe you have an idea where to look for the bug?
      I suspect that MS Project simply has problems reading the data from multiple shortcuts, but it can read the data from the resource pool after all …

      I thank you in advance.
      Regards Okke

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