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      I have used a couple of Add On tools for Microsoft Project like:

      WBS Modeler


      Both seemed to meet my needs at the time.  I’m just curious what other Add On products people are really using to help them manage their projects.


      ~Rich Weller

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      I use OnePager Pro by Chronicle Graphics. It produces a one page graphical (Powerpoint) summary view of your project. The summary lines are laid along a time scale. You choose which lines/groups to show (I typically choose major summary groupings like Engineering, Procurement, Installation). You can change the color of the output, the size of the lines and the titles. Easy to use, inexpensive and my executives like the colorful display. You can show more than 1 project, but the font sizes have to be smaller and smaller the more you include.

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      Hi Roy,

      This got my attention because it looks just like the timeline view in 2010 to me, though of course MSProject can only produce one at a time (but then it’s built into the product). Looking forward to Project 2013, the new reports section is just superb and hugely configurable, allowing you to create you own reports with graphs, tables, text, images etc, print it, or export the whole lot into PowerPoint and other applications. The charts etc are Office Art so this allows for further formatting in PowerPoint etc – it’s a real step forward from the old reporting section.

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      I’ve used WBS Chart Pro and PERT Chart EXPERT from Critical Tools.

      WBS Chart Pro works great for projecting the WBS on a screen in block diagram format while working with team members to build it. Then Chart Pro links directly to MS Project to build the schedule activities. I’ve used it with 2010.

      Both are good for making large plots. I’ve used PERT Chart Expert on big schedules to make network wall charts to “Wall Walk” the activity network with teams to validate logic.

      Interested to hear anyone else’s experience on these and the other tools mentioned.


      Tim Jones

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