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      i have the project with many task and the classic column durataion. And i want to do a new column with duration which will display the time (in days, months) from project start. So the code for the formula in custom field can look like this: My duration (for example duration10) = “Finish date of the individual task MINUS (-) Project start date”. But iam not a programmer. So my question is how to make it (the code) in correct way for MS project. Below I will write an example of how it is meant. The project start date will be for example 1.4.2021
      Task My duration (for example duration10) Finish date of task
      1 1day 2.4.2021
      2 10day 11.4.2021
      3 11day 12.4.2021
      ..Maybe it is some function like DateDiff(..) or ProjDateDiff( date1; date2; calendar ) , but i don´t know how to set it.
      Does anyone know?

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