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      Hello MPUG community,

      One of my customers uses Project Server 2013 and he has run into the following problem:

      Of a MS Project file, the local view formatting (both the color formatting within the table as the bar style formatting in the Gantt chart) has disappeared upon saving, closing, checking in and re-opening the file.
      Stranger yet, after saving, closing, checking in and re-opening the file several times in a row, the formatting had reappeared. This, however, turned out to be only a temporary relief of the problem, as the formatting had gone lost again upon once again saving of the file. And has remained lost since.

      I know that the custum formatting is saved in the local view itself, but I do not know how or where exactly it is stored. If the formatting is lost at one moment and is presented again in the next moment, the formatting settings have to be present somewhere in the local view.

      Has anybody else experienced this phenomenon and does anybody have any idea how to deal with it?

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      Avatar photoSai Prasad

      Hi, Looks like the local view formatting is overwritten either from enterprise view or by applying some bar style format on the gantt chart.

      Please share information to reproduce this issue such as
      1. Is this behavior displayed by all files in Project Server 2013?
      2. Is there custom code/macro on the file displaying this behavior?
      3. Did you use the existing view to customize the bar style format or did you create a new view?

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      I don’t know if this will be the issue, but I’ve found views act strangely when the associated table has been corrupted. I can’t say this will fix the issue, but its a quick check. Edit the table used by the view. In the grid showing all the data fields to be displayed, look for something indicating that a row is not referencing an actual field name. It will be obvious. If one is found, delete that row from the table and resave.
      No guarantees, but something to check for.

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