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      Simon Robinson

      Having produced individual projects we have linked them (11 Projects) to form a master copy of all the projects within a department. Some projects consist of one self contained project in the simplest form.
      Other projects have sub projects within them and some of these have sub grouped tasks with these etc etc.
      However we have structured by indenting and grouping the projects, sub projects and grouped tasks such that we can collapse these until they are represented on the Gantt chart by a single bar.
      So we have a Gantt chart showing 11 projects represented by 11 bars.
      This shows where our resources are over stretched.

      As with a single project Gantt chart Bar we were expecting to be able to drag any of the bars to experiment with the scheduling projects against each other. Where by the task dates for the project represented by the bar being dragged on the Gantt chart would be altered to reflect where we dragged the bar to.
      However in the Master view none of the bars can be moved. Is this correct?
      The ‘Move Project” button/command doesn’t seem to work either”
      I can’t believe such an obvious “want to do” cannot be achieved as I always thought this was one of the main benefits of the Gant chart functionality.
      Can anyone help?

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      Larry Christofaro

      I can see your issue. Project allows you to move tasks or move the entire project with the Move Project command. Unfortunately the Move Project doesn’t move sub-projects. But, you can move the sub-project by having that project open as one of your active projects. Once moved, it will be reflected immediately in the master project. Hope that helps…

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      Simon Robinson

      Hi Larry
      So just to be sure,
      I think you are saying that when we have a master project made up of 11 individual and complete projects, collapsed and represented by one bar for each complete project on the Gantt chart…… When we are in the Gantt chart view of the Master Project we can’t move any of the 11 bars by clicking on the bar and sliding it to a new date? Which will then alter the task dates within that individual project?

      Sorry for being unsure but it’s just such an obvious thing to want to do for rescheduling projects within a department.


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      Larry Christofaro

      Correct. There’s just too much information and details to move an entire project in one swipe. The Move Project command does a lot and includes options not available on a task move. I understand your desire, but the alternative isn’t that hard.

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