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      Erik Dagenais

      I am trying to remove the remaining work from a task that is stuck in the past.  The best way I have found to do this is by using the “Update Project” button.  The problem I am encountering is that it reallocates the unused time to the end of the task and therfore changing the end date for the task.  What I would like to know is if there is a way to have MS Project just cancel the unused remaining work stuck in the past, or am I stuck using the “Update Project” and then going back through the tasks and resetting the end dates?

      Any help, or alternative methods is greatly appreciated.

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      Avatar photoSai Prasad
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      Erik Dagenasis,

      Yes, you can. You need to set 0 for the remaining work of that task. The way you do it is by

      1) First changing your current view to Gantt chart view.

      2) Split the current view to display the Task Form view on the bottom (you can select the Details checkbox in the View tab, Split View group). Now, you will have Gantt Chart on the top and Task Form on the bottom.

      3) Select the task whose remaining work needs to be set to 0 in Gantt Chart view. This will display the task details in the Task Form

      4) Right click anywhere on the Task Form and select Work. This will display the assigned resources with work and remaining work

      5) Set 0 to Remaining Work and click OK

      Let me know if this solves your issue.

      Thanks, Sai

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      Avatar photoJohn Riopel

      You might also look at the task type, might be a good idea to have them set to Fixed Duration, Non Effort driven.  This will keep the duration the same.

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