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      Robert Gallafent

      We have some tasks with priority 1000 and some with 0 that are using the same resource. Any idea’s why Priority 1000 tasks are not coming before priority 0 tasks following resource levelling
      • Tasks are all Auto Scheduled
      • Tasks are ASAP in terms of constraint
      • We have a few must start on but not that many

      A quick response would be very much appreciated as we have a review with a customer on Friday. Thank you

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Robert: Priorities are only used for the resource leveling feature. I’m not sure if that is part of the issue as it is not stated in the question. A couple of considerations if you are using resource leveling: For priorities to have an effect, you need to set the Priority order to Priority, Standard. Also, priority 1000 is unique in that it tells the leveling engine that this task is not to move. Hope that helps…

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      Thomas Boyle

      Things to check in addition to Larry’s big hits:
      1. A single overallocated assignment (i.e. units assigned > units available) cannot be resolved by leveling, so no leveling delay will be applied regardless of the other scoring. These are pretty common, especially with fixed-duration tasks.
      2. Leveling options – if “Level only within available slack” is checked, then leveling delays will be severely restricted. Predecessors to your must-start-on constrained tasks would be more affected by this restriction.
      3. Leveling options – if “Look for overallocations on a _____ basis” is set to an interval that is of the same or larger scale than the durations of your activities (e.g. week by week or month by month) then some overallocations may not be recognized. Good luck, tom

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      Avatar photoDaryl Deffler

      Since your last two questions dealt with leveling, here’s a link to a series of Resource Leveling articles and two webinars covering just about every leveling option; defining and illustrating how they work and interact. It’s probably too much to absorb by Friday, but it might help moving forward.


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