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      I’m certainly hoping someone can help with this…. I’ve been wracking my brain on it for months. We are working to transition our dev teams to using PWA, specifically the ‘TASKS’ list which is created when an MSP file is published. NOT their personal ‘tasks’ list when they log into PWA. They (and execs) need to be able to view the schedule as a whole w/o having MSP Pro License. We’ve attempted to have them access the PWA schedule (grid and Gantt) and have created specific views for them…. but they want an ‘at a glance’ ‘task list’ view.

      We require specific data to be included in our projects, for which we have successfully created Custom Enterprise Task Fields, which are part of our MSP file template and available to all projects.

      Here’s the goal:
      In the TASK list (which is created when a project is published to PWA), we need to add these custom fields so they appear as part of the viewable project schedule, just as they do in the on-line PWA schedule.

      The ONLY way we’ve been able to work around this is to NOT publish the schedule to ‘PWA’, but rather to a generic sharepoint tasks list… which defeats the whole purpose of using PWA.

      PLEASE HELP!!!

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