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      Matthew D

      I am a new PM with limited experience who has been hired to create a short term (4 week) schedule for a boat manufacturer. I am using the latest version of Project for Office365. I need to be able to show each boat, their specific tasks, the hours which were assigned, actual hours worked, variance between assigned/actual worked. I also need to be able to show when projects are going over on hours.

      Thus far I have been able to import the excel document the company had, however, I am really unsure of how to manipulate the information to be able to show all the information needed. Also, I thought I was able to store tasks and simply assign them to new projects, as well as the people resources?

      Obviously I need help here and anything anyone can tell me would be greatly appreciated.


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      Larry Christofaro

      Hi Matthew, I know this may sound like a cop out but it sounds like you need more than a forum can do to help you. Your issues is more core knowledge than a specific problem. I suggest taking a class or getting someone to help mentor you. Sorry, maybe someone is willing to help walk you through a few things. Hope that helps.

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      Jigs Gaton

      Namaste Matthew, as Larry suggests above, a full tutorial is needed (even if just for a few hours) on the basics of MSP. But for your job at hand, u should begin with a high-level outline, just as if you were writing a research paper or report. See here for one way of creating this high level structure we call a Work Breakdown Structure:

      I don’t really know what you are trying to do, but from your short description that outline might look like this:

      Harbor Monthly Schedule (Boats 1 to xx) Master Plan
      – Subproject 1 / Boat 1
      – Subproject 2 / Boat 2
      – Subproject x / Boat x
      – Major Category of Tasks 1
      – Major Category of Tasks 2
      – Major Category of Tasks x
      – Category x, Task 1
      – Category x, Task 2
      – Category x, Task x

      The above uses a Master Plan / Subproject scenario so you can work on each boat independent of the main plan (or conversely, manipulate / view at all the boat data from one place.

      Don’t forget to set a baseline before putting the Harbor plan into play (that will give you variances between planned and actuals):

      Also, sounds like you will also need to understand how MSP does calendaring, so you can set up a 24 hour (or whatever ) schedule and then enter the work in hours. The default calendar is 40 hours per week, 8 hours per day. If that works, no need to change (just enter work in hours, and not percentages). See for a high level overview of what you need to do.

      I could go on… but gotta get back to work. Best of luck! Jigs

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      I have been ushing the office 2016 but I am not satisfied with it so I thought to update my office. I go to the Microsoft home page and download office 365 free from it and installed it. But I did not access company any document or file with it do I need to sink both the account fro working tother. if anyone know how to join a company account with my personal office 365 then suggest to me.

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