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      I would like to have a text column return the top level task summary name for every sub summary and sub task. I cannot find how to get anything other than just the task summary name, which only goes up 1 level. Any ideas?

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      Carlos Santos

      Hi cbass1224

      You can insert a Column / field: Project Summary Task or Hierearchical Level or Hierarchical Number.
      Paste in Excel use simple formulas to do that you want and copy to a Text column in Project

      Hope this solution help you.

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      Thank you, but this doesn’t really help. I’m trying to set up a series of weekend work subproject files that should be updated by different resource groups. Then I can insert them into a master file and use a common piece of data on the task level of each subproject to group them together by job. Right now I can get by if I keep every task on level-2. I can just use the Task Summary Name for grouping. But, ideally I could include some summary tasks within each job to make a more detailed roll up. But I can’t find a way to get the top level Task Summary Name on each level of task. Right now I can only get the column to populate one level up by putting in [Task Summary Name], which doesn’t even need to be done with a text column and a formula.

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      I would like to know more about it. Thanks for your updates. LOL!

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      Yeah, me too.

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