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      I have been assigned the task of monitoring and facilitating my company’s IT related projects with the IT company that serves us. This is kind of a Business to IT liaison role.

      IT has their own project portfolio in-house proprietary software, but I will like to have a stronger and more practical solution to keep track of every Company IT Project in my own project portfolio.

      We use MS Project and we have EPM installed, but this is also controlled by the IT Company and not everyone in my company has access to it.

      My goal is to have some kind of user friendly project portfolio that my Company managers can have access to, so they can have an idea on their projects status, issues and alerts. Some sort of dashboard.

      Appreciate your advice and suggestions.

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      I’m not sure I understand the question. It sounds a bit like dad won’t give you the keys to the car (sorry, a little humor in the morning). But really, are you wondering if you can use Project Server to solve the problem? That answer is YES. I’m not sure how we can help until you can solve your accessibility issues.

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