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      Carl Haley

      Software version Project 2016

      I need my formula to do a comparison of four fields excluding 0, and input the lowest value in a new column.
      Field 1: 1 or 0; Field 2: 2 or 0, Field 3: 3 or 0; Field 4: 4 or 0

      Here is my custom field formula, but it is returning a value of -1
      IIf([Number18]=1,”1″,”4″) Or IIf([Number2]=2,”2″,”4″) Or IIf([Number2]=2,”2″,”4″) Or IIf([Number2]=2,”2″,”4″)

      My name is Carl and I can be reached at 214-695-7338

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      Avatar photoSai Prasad

      Hi Carl, It was nice speaking to you. It helped to have clarity on your requirement. Please use this formula for Number5 instead – IIf(Number4=4,4,IIf(Number3=3,3,IIf(Number2=2,2,IIf(Number1=1,1)))). Please note Number4 refers to the fourth field, and so on, and so change the field names accordingly. I tested this formula with different combination so that the highest value between Number1 to Number4 is selected in Number5 field – Here is a screenshot for that

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      Avatar photoSai Prasad

      Hi Carl, since you want the lowest of the four fields use this formula IIf(Number1=1,1,IIf(Number2=2,2,IIf(Number3=3,3,IIf(Number4=4,4))))

      Here is the screenshot –

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      Herman Haley

      Hi Sai Prasad, I hope all is well. I need your help with another formula, I am trying to calculate the percentage of time between two dates as of the status date. Status date = 11/1/19, Start date = 11/8/19, Finish Date = 5/1/20. What % of time has expired as of the status date?

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