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      Waqas Ahmad

      Hi All,
      I am working on a project involving similar tasks (not 100% similar) at 70 different sites. I want MS project to schedule the tasks such as to level the resources. It does it perfectly but keeps all the sites engaged/ in-progress for a lot more time. For example, 95% work on a site is done in a single go, but the remaining 5% is sometime scheduled to last for even months. The payment from the client are based on each site completion. I want ms projected to schedule the tasks such that to engage each site for minimum period of time. I would love to have suggestions and/or template for such scenario, please.

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      That depends a lot on how you are asking Project to schedule. If you are using predecessor relationships, then you need to adjust your predecessors. My guess is that you are trying to use Microsoft’s leveling. If that’s the case then you should include task priorities. (1) include the Priority field, (2) set priorities so that each site is scheduled as you want. You can probably use the same priority for an entire site, but I don’t know your project. Then (3) set the Leveling Order in Leveling Options to Priority, Standard. Hope that helps…

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