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      Mark Meirow

      We have Project Online and use the linked SP sites for our projects. Users have requested notification (email) when a predecessor task, upon which their task is dependent, is completed. While I can set up alerts on the SP tasks list to capture changes to a task (synchronized with Project), it seems this would have to be done by the users on a project by project basis; or even task by task. This would be very cumbersome; the alternative is to be deluged with task completion notices. Any solutions available to help us reply to this request or is their a way to set up task list alerts for users that could be deployed and then would apply to subsequent projects? Perused the literature and haven’t found much that tackles this directly, especially in the Online environment.

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Sorry to say but what you mention are the two options out of the box (and right now I don’t know of any other solution that would help here).

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