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      Niek Hussen, van

      Situation: Project Online (2013) from Microsoft.
      Requirement: create reports on custom SharePoint lists on Project Websites:
      = NOT being Risks, Issues, Deliverables;
      = and NOT from 1 site, but from a series of sites, e.g. all projects in a Program. Or all projects in an instance, if you will.

      OData is the way to go, but through e.g. …/PWA/_vti_bin/ListData.svc you cannot get hold of the data from more sites. And creating 1 DataConnection for each and every project website is not very sustainable for hundreds of project sites.
      Through some coding it would be possible, but that coding is not available in the Microsoft Project Online environment. Or am I wrong?

      I believe there is a missing link, but if somebody has a clue: much obliged.
      If Microsoft can confirm that there is worked on a solution: we (my customer and I) will be very happy to do the beta testing.

      Thx, Niek van Hussen (Capgemini)

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