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      I am a new user to MS project, and would definitely like to be able to easily integrate assignments from my projects into my outlook calendar, which also contains things like additional meetings (whilst I can set up recurring things like this in each MS project file, if the meetings change times or days, I would have to alter this manually), holidays, and personal commitments which may affect working times or days.
      In response to item 2, I’d currently only be interested in actual start and finish times, but as I get used to using it more, maybe these requirements will change.
      In response to item 3, I personally am not currently interested in mobile integrations.

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      I’m interested in understanding people’s requirements around integrating tasks into Outlook, especially for Team Members.

      A few questions to start the discussion…

      1. Do people require integration into their calendar, or task list?

      2. Should people be able to update the task status from Outlook? – if so, what. % complete, actual and remaining, actual start/finish dates, timephased data?

      3. How important are mobile devices in this scenario? (and a question from me, does the iphone sync Tasks with Exchange these days?). What about tablet devices?

      4. Should the integration be automatic, or kicked off by the team member?

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      The integration with Outlook is through Project Server only and not desktop to Outlook integration.


      Ellen Lehnert, MVP

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