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      I am searching for a solid overview and training on Project Online to allow me to better evaluate its use for my organization. We have full licensing for all our project managers as part of our Office 365 subscription and presently utilize MS project Pro, MS Teams and MS SharePoint separably on various client projects. I am trying to define a more standardized/collaborative solution for managing client projects and want to better understand the tools we have available.

      Thank you,
      Barry Sunshine

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Hi Barry. There are lots of training options from free to online classroom. Sensei has a three day online class that covers a lot of information. Please know that trying to assess and implement Project Online on your own is like drinking from a fire hose. Combining training with some consulting, or I believe better yet to start with a quick pilot in conjunction with a partner. There are 100’s of options, and a consulting partner can easily configure the simplest Project Online solution to meet your needs. In addition, there is now the new Project for the Web option that provides a completely new solution to evaluate in addition to Project Online.

      There are a lot of great partners out there, including myself, if you would like to discuss. Hope that helps…

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