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      As part of our project intake/PPM process, I would like to be able to print a one page project over view sheet for each potential project in Project Online. The goal would be to provide this group of pages to our Executive Governance group. I would like to be able to identify which projects to print based on what workflow phase and stage the potential project is in. Does anyone know of a good tool to do this? I was originally thinking I might do it with MS Word and the Mail Merge/Next Record function but I couldn’t figure out how to connect Word to OData in Project Online.

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Kristina, not a simple question to answer and you might gwt multiple recommendations. I can give you two options on each end of the scale.
      1. Really cool but not what you’re asking for: The Microsoft best practice answer would be to use Power BI and create a dashboard type of online report. The list of projects could be filtered by health, type, owning org; and then select projects from the resulting list. Benefit is that it is much more flexible and presents a lot of options. Down side is that it isn’t a printed report, which sometimes is the first priority.
      2. Simple and what you’re asking: For a printed report that can be handed to executives, you might want to take a look at connecting to the data using Excel, filter and select columns as needed, and then export the result in a format that can be used wihin Word. This might be the simplest for you given your use of Word as a preferred solution. You would connect through OData directly to Project Online. There is a lot of information about how to do it, but if you have trouble feel free to respond back to the forum.
      Hope that helps…

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      Hi Larry,

      Thanks for the input.
      We do have Power BI up and running with other dashboards, but there is not a good way to get a single page per project type of thing.
      I’m not sure I entirely follow your second response. I am able to connect to OData through Excel, but I’m not clear on how you are making the leap to having the data in Word, unless you are saying I would have to manually export the data to Word each time. The other option I was wondering about was whether perhaps such a report could be created with MS Access and whether Access could connect to the OData?

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Sorry for the confusion Kristina. My very manual way was to use Excel to get the data, then export that data from Excel in a location / format that can be used with the mail merge in Word (which I’m not familiar with). I did a quick search (you might want to do more) and it doesn’t look like Access connects out of the box, but I did see something about using Cdata’s connector: I do not know anything about his though… Good luck!!

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