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      How can a resource’s personal calendar be managed in Project Online, for example if someone is not working on Wednesdays and I want this to be correctly visible in the planned working schedule (tasks assigned to this person will take longer in calendar time)?
      In Project stand-alone I know my way: I just use the ‘Change working time’ function and click on the tab ‘Work weeks’ to update the resource calendar that is created automatically as a copy of the project calendar whenever I define a new resource.
      However in Project Online, when an enterprise calendar is created and resources can fill in their timesheets in WPA, it seems to behave differently. In the MS Project client I can still see the list of all resource calendars in the ‘Change working time’ calendar drop-down list, but when selecting a resource calendar, the ‘Details’ button in the ‘work weeks’ tab is greyed out, so I cannot update the standard working days and hours specific to that resource. I suppose there should be a way to do it?

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