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      i am using Project 2016 and am getting errors using the formuli below to calculate the Planned %.
      Number 1 = Duration Calc = ProjDurValue([Duration])
      Number 2 = Lapsed Time Calc = IIf([Finish]<=now(),100,IIf([Start]>now(),0,ProjDateDiff([Start],Now())/ProjDateDiff([Start],[Finish]))*100)*[Number1]/100
      Text10 = Planned % = IIf([Number1]=0,IIf([Finish]<=Now(),100,0),int([Number2]/[Number1]*100))
      what we are trying to calculate is what the % should be at any given time based on Baseline dates, (planned to Complete)
      If anyone could provide some guidance as to what the formulae should be we would be eternally grateful.

      The error we get is that when we extend any tasks duration, the planned % drops, which is not correct, we think this is because it is calculating as divisible by the total Project Duration which is Obviously getting larger if the duration extends. it should be the BAseline Duration which should remain Stable ie constant.

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