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      Charles Fraley

      Anyone use project server 2010 to perform portfolio management?

      Can a resource be assigned multiple skills?

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      Jim Peters


      Is Project Server 2010 used for Project Portfolio Management? Yes. Is there more to the question? PPM is one of the primary uses of Project Server.

      Can multiple Skills be assigned to a resource? Yes. A resource Enterprise Custom Field must be created that allows multiple values. The Custom Attributes section for a Skills field for Project Server 2010 is shown below. Once the field is created, when a resource is updated multiple skills may be selected by checking the box next to each desired skill.

      Custom Attributes

      Choose whether the field has a lookup table, a calculated formula, or neither.

      Single line of text
      Multiple lines of text

      Lookup TableCharge CodeCost TypeDepartmentHealthRBSSample Areas ImpactedSample Primary ObjectiveSkills and CapabilitiesTeamsTimesheet Normalization Status
           Choose a value to use as a default when adding new items
      Default value
           Only allow codes with no subordinate values
      Allow multiple values to be selected from lookup table
           Use this field for matching generic resources


      I typically check the “Only allow codes with no subordinate values” option. And for skills I always check the “Use this field for matching generic resources option.

      Jim Peters

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      Jim Peters


      The check boxes I pasted into the last post did not appear in the post. So the text looks rather odd. For the Resource custom field settings just look at Settings and add a new resource Enterprise Custom Field. The setting to allow multiple values should then be obvious, just check the checkbox next to Allow multiple values to be selected from lookup table.

      Jim P.

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      charles fraley

      Thanks for the assist.

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