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      Fred Newton

      Using current Power BI release (Aug 2019) and MS Project Online (1902 Build 11328.20392)
      We have a series of projects, split into different operating groups of the Business and each project sits in only one group. We also indicate, on each project, which are under review or not and what stage in the project lifecycle each is at. Each project has tasks and delivery milestones.

      Project Name Business Area (x10) Review Status (x 2) Lifecycle Stage (x 4)
      Prj 01 Credits In Review Kick Off
      Prj 02 HR In Review Planning
      Prj 03 Invoicing Not Reviewed In Progress
      Prj 04 Credits In Review Delivery
      Prj 05 HR Not Reviewed Kick Off
      Prj 06 Invoicing Not Reviewed Delivery
      Prj 07 Credits In Review In Progress
      Prj 08 HR Not Reviewed Delivery
      Prj 09 Invoicing In Review Planning
      Prj 10 Credits In Review Planning
      Prj 11 HR Not Reviewed In Progress
      Prj 12 Invoicing In Review Kick Off

      We have one further “project”, which simply contains a series of tasks relating to freeze windows throughout the year(s)
      Freeze Plan IT Not Reviewed In Progress

      What we are wanting to develop is a view, where we can allow slicers to be applied based on any of the Business Areas, Review Statuses or Lifecycle Stages . . . . BUT, we also want to include the Freeze Plan in every view. The problem we face is that it is in a different Business Area, with many other IT projects, hence we don’t want to allow multiple selections as that would end up showing projects unrelated to the select Business area. What I’m wanting to avoid is having to create a Freeze Plan for every Business Area, for every Review Status and Project Stage, potentially 80+ Freeze Plans !

      I tried creating some Columns, as follows, and using them as filters against the report, but to no avail, in that it failed to show the Freeze Plan, presumably because the Slicers take precedence.

      SelectedInReview = var SelectedReview=SELECTEDVALUE(Projects[InReviewAgenda])
      var SelectedPrj=SELECTEDVALUE(Projects[ProjectName])
      if(SelectedPrj=”Freeze Plan”,SelectedReview,Projects[InReviewAgenda])

      SelectedBizArea = var SelectedBusinessArea=SELECTEDVALUE(Projects[BusinessUnit])
      var SelectedPrj=SELECTEDVALUE(Projects[ProjectName])
      if(SelectedPrj=”Freeze Plan”,SelectedBusinessArea,Projects[BusinessUnit])

      SelectedStage = var SelectedPrjStage=SELECTEDVALUE(Projects[ProjectStage])
      var SelectedPrj=SELECTEDVALUE(Projects[ProjectName])
      if(SelectedPrj=”Freeze Plan”,SelectedPrjStage,Projects[ProjectStage])

      Any help, pointers or solutions gratefully received

      Thanks and regards

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Hi Fred, I’m not a PBI expert but I know there are some out there. I can’t think of a simple answer (always my first go-to) but was wondering if something like this would work. Have you thought about putting two views on the same page? One view would always list just the Freeze Plan project and the other view would filter and list as requested. Just a thought…

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      Fred Newton

      Thanks for coming back to me, yes, I had thought of that, the problem is that the timescales differ from Business Unit to Business Unit, so the Freeze plan would not tie up

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